Fruits Of Inflation Are Blossoming, by MN Gordon

Biden’s giving full run to central economic planners and it won’t be good for the US economy. From MN Gordon at

Donald Trump got impeached – again – this week.  Big whoop!

We already knew the House of Representatives at the 117th Congress is the greatest collection of political crooks, lowlifes, and losers to ever assemble under one roof.  We didn’t need a token impeachment vote to validate this.

More importantly, President-elect Biden’s proposed $1,400 “stimmy” checks (i.e. stimulus checks).  The amount is a “topping up” of the $600 “stimmy” approved by Congress in December.  Together, these total the $2,000 “stimmy” promised to voters.

Naturally, Biden’s fulfilling the dream of America’s central planners.  You know the plan by now.  Lockdown the economy, bankrupt small businesses, and then stimulate consumer demand with fake money.  As easy as one, two, three, the central planners took control of the population, the economy, and financial markets.

The global pandemic, no doubt, provided the perfect cover to meddle in the lives of millions.  Here in LA County, health officials are now advising people to wear masks at home.  It’s part of a brand new plan (dated January 11, 2021): Los Angeles County Responds: Confronting COVID-19.

Over the years, there have been many bad ideas.  The federal income tax, for instance.  Or legal tender laws.  But the real measurement of a bad idea is how much popular destruction it can bring.

Communism, for example, made an utter mess of the 20th century.  Armed with all the smartest guys in the room, the Soviet Union’s state planning committee drafted up five-year plans for what it called the centralized development of the national economy.

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