One Of America’s Brave Frontline Pastors: Rodney Howard-Browne, by Ginny Garner

An interview with one of the few American religious figures who demonstrated any courage at all during the coronavirus overreaction. From Ginny Garner at

This article features an exclusive interview with the pastor

Rodney Howard-Browne with the River at Tampa Bay Church in Florida was the first pastor in America to go to jail when he refused to close his church to obey Covid-19 orders. Today he not only still preaches the gospel, he warns his congregation, and the people of the world with his global internet broadcasts, about the imposition of global draconian lockdown and mask measures using Covid as an excuse, the experimental “vaccines,” the emerging globalist technocracy under the Davos Group’s Great Reset, and the fraudulent presidential election.

While police helicopters circled overhead and marked police cars parked on the street at his home where he lives with his wife Adonica, on March 30, 2020 he was cuffed and arrested, fingerprinted, posed for a mug shot, imprisoned, and released on bail. His courage to stand up for what he believes in: that God – not the government – is sovereign; the state has no authority to close down the church; the right to freedom of religion is protected by the First Amendment – inspired other reluctant clergy to open their churches.

“No governor or mayor can write an order to supersede the Constitution,” Pastor Rodney asserts. “I had to make a stand for the First Amendment. Everything happening right now is a globalist, communist takeover of America. To all the pastors who are giving up your ability to worship freely: Unless President Trump has something up his sleeve, you’ll never get it back. America as you know it is done. If Biden gets in we are not bowing down to anything. I might get a couple more mug shots. In the next one I will smile.”

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