Trump Failed, by OHMama

Trump didn’t get the job done. From OHMama at

Cowards Are Destroying the GOP - The Atlantic

Trump is over. He might have been on our side, or he might have been controlled opposition, I neither know nor care. All I know is he asked for the job and we gave it to him. He exhibited dreadful character judgement/ risk assessment, he’s full of himself, and worst of all, he was weak when dealing with brutal enemies. All disqualifying points for future leadership. I don’t hate the man. It’s not personal, it’s business.

When more than anything else we needed a tough talking, nerves of steel leader who didn’t give an inch, Trump was weak. Weakness is fatal. Stop following it. If he starts a new party, don’t join. If he starts a news network, don’t watch. He is narcissistic and possibly in on the entire corrupt mess. He is stigmatized deadwood at this point, let him get consumed. Somebody smarter, tougher, and stronger will arise.

Q is a joke. Anybody following it needs to get their head out of their rump, and if they refuse to, the rest of us need to shun them just as we need to ditch Trump. Q supporters still clinging to baseless hope at this late hour are a liability going forward because they are dangerously naïve and gullible. We cannot afford that. For 4 precious years we were distracted with people saying “its 4D chess” to excuse every single one of Trump’s self-sabotaging, self-serving, or boneheaded moves.

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2 responses to “Trump Failed, by OHMama

  1. Thumbs up!


  2. Ohmama. Ye of liule faith. I dont live in usa but perhaps that gives me more objectivity. obviovsly you were expecting Trump to meet your deadline. well things dont happen the way we want them to happen. But i can assure you i have more faith in him than anyone else. He goes by the rule of the law. Isnt that emough to show ynu he is legit. Prayer is what he needs right now.


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