How EVs Don’t Save Money, by Eric Peters

Electric cars don’t pencil out as well as you might have been led to believe. From Eric Peters at

Electric vehicles are being sold, in part, on how much they’ll save people in terms of maintenance costs.

This is a con on par with a “case” being synonymous with sickness.

EVs are not no or even low-maintenance relative to non-electric cars. They are different maintenance.

Instead of oil and filter changes, you change the battery pack. Which do you suppose will end up costing you more over the life of the life of the vehicle?

The latter italicized for reasons that will shortly become clear.

An oil/filter change generally costs about $50 ($10 for a filter, $5 per quart of oil times 5-6 quarts plus the labor, if you pay someone else to do it). Most non-electric cars need their oil and filter changed about once every 6,000 miles or so – about twice a year given the average 10,000-12,000 miles most people drive each year.

That works out to about $100 annually; over the course of ten years, you’d spend about $1,000 for oil and filter changes in this example vs. nothing for oil and filter changes, if you owned an EV.

But if you own an EV, it is probable you’ll have to replace the battery before ten years go by – because EV batteries don’t last that long in regular service before the regular discharge/recharge process reduces and then kills their capacity to retain charge.

And EV batteries cost a lot more than oil and filters.

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