The Coming New Order, by Jeff Thomas

A government run by a combination of the government and the nation’s biggest, most powerful corporations is fascism. It’s what the US has now and it’s going to get worse. From Jeff Thomas at

Coming New Order

For many years, a handful of people have postulated that those who control industry, finance and governments are essentially the same people – a cabal of sorts that have, over generations, solidified their relationships in order to gain greater wealth and power, whilst systematically making things ever more difficult for the free market to exist.

But why should this be? Surely, corporate leaders are more ardently capitalist than anyone else?

Well, on the surface, that might appear to make sense, but once a significant position of power has been achieved, those who have achieved it recognize that, since they’ve already reached the top, the primary concern changes. From then on, the primary concern becomes the assurance that no others are able to climb so high as they have.

At that point, they realise that their foremost effort needs to be a push toward corporatism – the merger of power between government and business.

This is a natural marriage. The political world is a parasitic one. It relies on a continual flow of funding. The world of big business is a study in exclusivity – the ability to make it impossible for pretenders to the throne to arise. So, big business provides the cash; government provides protective legislation that ensures preference for those at the top.

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3 responses to “The Coming New Order, by Jeff Thomas

  1. In the upmarket country town where I live which used to be noted for the variety, individuality and quality of its small shops, those shops have closed in bulk under lockdowns over the last year. (UK) A few hanging on have attempted to continue trading working (legally) around the restrictions. As they have done so the rules are changed again either making trading impossible or quasi-criminal. It becomes clear that the Covid restrictions are a pretext for enforced closure of small independent businesses and have nothing to do with preventing spread of the virus.


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