Internecine and Existential Struggles in a Transformed World, by Alastair Crooke

Notwithstanding the fondest hopes of the Corruptocracy, they can’t simply wind back the clock to 2016, in either domestic or foreign affairs. From Alastair Crooke at

The Blue State has it all. And now therefore, it owns any future ‘breakages’ too. Trump has gone, and ‘coincidentally’ with his departure, a blueprint emerged that same day, (which reportedly has been circulating ‘on both sides of the aisle for some months’) which implicitly advocates for a ‘reset’: a return to the pre-Trump days – essentially a turning back of the clock to a time before Trump dumped the TPP and started the trade confrontation with China.

Whether this particular manifesto ‘flies’ or not is not at issue (something like it, is almost certainly will). What this contrived ‘leak’ underscores however, is just how entrenched amongst the élites is the fixation with ‘turning back the clock’ to the point at which the Obama-Biden team left office.

The issue it raises rather, is whether in this bitterness towards ‘all things Trump’, these forces have noticed (and assimilated) the radical change in world beyond the U.S. over the last four years. Tony Blair, one of the manifesto architects, clearly hasn’t: whilst he says that he understands why people are sceptical, or even furious at the globalist élite, he adds: “But they’re (the élites) not so bad: In reality, the system they’re advocating is simply ‘common sense’”.

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