America In Its Last Days, by Paul Craig Roberts

There are all sorts of ominous portents for America. From Paul Craig Roberts at

Democrats and Media Whores Dismiss Statements of Facts as “Baseless,” But Themselves Endorse Antifa, BLM, and 1619 Project Conspiracy Theories, Russiagate Conspiracy Theory, White Supremacist Insurrection Conspiracy Theory and every other Conspiracy Theory that Serves Their Agendas

Here Are the Democrats’ Supporters. They Are Marching Through D.C. Threatening People and Violence.  Why Aren’t the Democrats Being Impeached for Encouraging Violence?

The Democrats endorsed Antifa and BLM violence

Notice that The Hill and the entirety of the US scum media dismiss statement of facts as “baseless” but themselves endorse all the Antifa and BLM conspiracy theories.

The Biden Regime’s Revolution Against American Freedom Is Unfolding In Front of Our Eyes

Democrats say Trump can’t mention election fraud at trial: Why?

The Democrats’ illegitimate Senate trial of President Trump is so unconstitutional and illegal that it is too much for Harvard’s famous leftwing law professor Dershowitz

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