Counting and Caring for the Dead, by Dr. Mark Sircus

The state-prescribed “cures” for coronavirus has been far worse than the actual disease. From Dr. Mark Sircus at

COVID is as much a media disease as it is a viral disease. It is also a health official disease more than a killer viral infection. Even without a vaccine, without proper treatment, the vast majority of COVID deaths have comorbidities, usually at least two. It’s a matter of debate in most COVID counted deaths; what in reality killed the patient?

The most disgusting thing about the entire pandemic story is that the press and the medical establishment hid proper treatments for COVID and other viral infections. From the beginning, they sold the story that only vaccines would save the world when most doctors know at this point that is not true.

People are dying from many causes and often from several simultaneously. The human race is sick physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and it certainly shows up in our seriously demented leadership and our chronic disease and death statistics. All of this was true before COVID.

Medical scientists have been trying to speed and refiner their understanding of disease; however, in their quest, they are hamstrung, entirely so, by their refusal to acknowledge nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, and emotional stress as fundamental causes of disease. None of these causes can be touched with pharmaceutical medicines nor with gene therapies. Worse, pharmaceutical approaches tend to amplify these causes. Drugs make nutritional deficiencies worse and increase the body’s toxic burdens while driving up emotional and mental stress with their incessant denial of human factors.

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