The Vast Bipartisan Pretense of Trump’s Demise, by Conrad Black

Hoping that Trump is gone for good is nothing more than delusional wishful thinking on the part of those who hate him. From Conrad Black at

The supremely inconvenient fact is that Donald Trump has by far the largest political following of anyone in the United States, and the attempt to deny him the ability to seek reelection has failed.

The vast bipartisan pretense that the Trump era is over continued through the universally predicted ignominy of the second impeachment of him. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), whose misfired brainwave the impeachment was, intruded upon a press conference of the House managers, and harangued the audience for nearly 15 minutes with her theory that Donald Trump is an evil and disgraced man who attempted the violent overthrow of the United States government, that his acquittal was really a conviction, and that the Republicans who declined to remove him from an office he no longer holds were “cowards” who sought public office because they weren’t qualified to do anything else. 

The real problem the Trump-haters have is that the Trump phenomenon is alive and well. Not only is it lurking everywhere in the country; not only has the maniacal Democratic and NeverTrump coalition’s effort to legitimize the results of the November presidential election failed to convince anyone except themselves; this fatuous impeachment exercise is the end of the fervent five-year Democratic media effort to make the defamation of Donald Trump a substitute for all other government and politics. That ship has not sailed; it has sunk.

Trump failed to assemble the proper team on the ground to identify voting irregularities as they occurred, taking videos of them, and arranging believable witnesses and a formidable legal case already developed when the much-predicted ballot harvesting and helicopter mass vote-drops in the middle of election-night flipped the Electoral College by turning the results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (at the least). 

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