Do You Wear Depends? by Eric Peters

Eric Peters draws an analogy between face diapers and the regular kind. From Peters at

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If you’re not physically sick and find yourself being pestered by someone who is mentally sick about your “failure” to wear a “mask” to “stop the spread” of a physical illness you haven’t got – but which they worry you might have – ask them a question in reply:

Are you wearing your Depends?

These being the adult diapers designed to protect the incontinent from spreading . . . something else.

They will probably draw themselves up indignantly and say no – of course not. Why would they? They have no need for Diapers as they are in control of their bladder – and bowels. It would be absurd for them to wear a Diaper and more than that, degrading – because of the implication they might piss their pants or shit themselves, otherwise.

Exactly so – as regards the facial equivalent of the same thing.

To insist that someone who isn’t sick must wear a Face Diaper because it is possible he might be sick is to treat him as if he is sick. Which is the same as saying he is disease-ridden, someone who presents a threat to anyone nearby, if he doesn’t wear a “protective” device.

Is this not also degrading?

Some will say it is noble – because it is a sign of caring. You are showing – literally – that you take other people’s health seriously and are being respectful, etc. But this is only a valid argument if, in fact, there is a threat to other people’s health arising from your not wearing the “protective” device.

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