Why the PRO Act is ANTI-Small Business, by Eric Groves

The Democrats are quietly advancing legislation that would torpedo a lot of independent contractors and small business owners. From Eric Groves at alignable.com:

For the first time in months, you’re feeling more optimistic about your post-COVID future, according to recent poll results. And while that is something to celebrate, there’s also a new bill popping up in Washington that might put a damper on that hope.

It’s called the PRO Act and it comes with some serious implications for small business owners, ones that may be as or more dangerous than the COVID virus.

So what is the PRO Act and how could it affect your business? Let’s take a look at the details of this proposed law including recent data that shows just how big the impact could be and how you can raise your voice.

What is the PRO Act?

The PRO Act 2021, or Protecting the Right to Organize Act, focuses on reducing the barriers for employees to unionize. Based on a version of a similar state law that passed in California (AB5), it makes it easier for workers to form a union with the aim of protecting them from unfair working conditions.

But unions aren’t the issue—what comes along with the bill is where things get ugly.

If this legislation passes, there’s a provision within it that could act as a virus that would target the dreams of freelancers and independent contractors who depend on contract work for survival.

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