Gain of Functioned, by Eric Peters

The maskers’ fears of anti-maskers will just transfer over to anti-vaccers. From Eric Peters at

Why do the Needlers – many of them – insist that others be Needled, too?

Aren’t they now “safe”? Shouldn’t they be unworried?

The expectation – the demand – appears to be absolute invulnerability. That any chance the Needled might still get sick, however minuscule, is ferociously unacceptable and justifies the imposition  – on others – of whatever is necessary to make them feel safe.

Including the Needling of others. As many Needlings as are “necessary” – in perpetuity.

Does it have a familiar ring?

Before the Orange Man failed – and then succeeded, in getting his operation up to “warp speed” – these same people were demanding that everyone else wear the Face Diaper they were claiming “kept them safe” – belying their faith in just that. If it did “keep them safe”  then why worry about others not wearing the thing?

Well, it might not be 100 percent effective.

There is a chance you – or “someone” – might be sick and that you might get others, even the Face Diapered, sick – and for that reason everyone must always wear a Diaper. Even after having been Needled.

For the sake of 100 percent obedience, which is what this is really all about.

Marketed  – using manufactured guilt – as being necessary – in order to make the Diapered – and now the Needled – “feel safe.”

This is not reason. It is neurosis. Unashamed, belligerent. Empowered.

Without end.

There will always be a chance that “someone might” – whatever the fear asserted happens to be.

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