A Suggested Template For Dealing With Vaccine-Pushing Employers, by Kevin Smith

Can employers force you to get a vaccination? What can you do to either prevent them from doing so, or giving yourself some legal protection if they make you get one as a condition of your employment. From Kevin Smith at theburningplatform.com:

A Suggested Template For Dealing With Vaccine-Pushing Employers

I’ve heard a few stories from workers in the UK and elsewhere where employers are starting to broach the subject of the Covid ‘vaccines’. At present, it seems these conversations are at an early stage, perhaps just testing the water. But some employees are understandably worried they will be placed under pressure or ultimately the ‘vaccines’ become mandatory at work.

Recently Delta Airlines in the US announced they were making vaccines mandatory for new employees.

So, I thought it timely to put a very broad template letter together which might be handy for existing staff reluctant to try what is an experimental ‘vaccine’.

I’ve had issues with a previous employer and being pressured over workplace stress issues and it’s not pleasant. But a similar style template worked well for me, having all the facts set out in writing and when presented with it, my employer completely backed off.

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