Psychotics? Yep – Created And Fed, by Karl Denninger

A post that Joe Blow had an adverse reaction to one of the Covid-19 vaccines would get removed from Facebook, even if its true and verified. From Karl Denninger at

Facebook has decided that anything you say there that discourages the use of a vaccine, including especially Covid-19 vaccines, will be removed (and you might get banned) even if its truthful.  For example, you can’t talk about the fact that 95%+ of all associated deaths in VAERS for the last two years have been associated with Covid-19 vaccines, and 99% of them this year are associated with the Covid shots.  This is the truth which you can look up right here on the CDC’s own web page, but if you say it on Facebook – poof.

OSHA said if your employer required the vaccine they owned the results — including the bad results.  That quietly disappeared a day or two ago; you see, workplace injuries do not include things the government wants to happen.  One wonders why this isn’t applied to coal mining, oil drilling and even asbestos abatement; after all, the government does want asbestos out of buildings, right?  So now your employer can injure or even slaughter you so long as the government approves.  Germany didn’t do something like that 80 years or so back, did they?

Incidentally OSHA will likely get attacked on that and lose on a TRO and injunction because under the APA (Administrative Procedures Act) there is a specific process a government agency must use to modify a previous stance, and their previous position was consistent with both law and practice for decades: As an employer if you mandate something as a condition of employment you own the outcome — it’s deemed a workplace injury — if it goes badly.

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2 responses to “Psychotics? Yep – Created And Fed, by Karl Denninger

  1. We should boycott Farcebook. Boycotting is peoples power in action. It keeps u being true to your self. Boycotting works for people who want to make a personal stance that doesnt fit with their values. Now is a good time to do this. How do you feel about this?
    Boycott is peoples power.


    • I am all for boycotts, although there are so many deranged leftists running corporations who care more about making political statements than they do about their companies’ profits.


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