Alien Reboot, by The Zman

The UFO stories making the rounds look like a government psy-op. The evidence is not particularly convincing and most of it seems to come from the government itself. From The Zman at

For reasons no one has bothered to explain, the government went on a strange public relations tour, informing us that it has for years been documenting unidentified objects in the air and sea. These events have been captured by cameras mounted on military ships and aircraft. They released a bunch of these videos, some of which had audio of the people recording them. Those voices in the videos tell the viewer that the cameramen are baffled by the blurry images they are seeing.

Along with the videos, the Pentagon provided some background. They claim they have data going back a long time suggesting these events are not illusions. For example, they claim the appearance of unidentified flying objects near a nuclear weapons battery caused the facility to shut down. They did not state it directly, but the implication is the entity behind the unexplained objects was also able to turn off the nuclear weapons facility or at least disable it while they were flying around it.

Despite the comically bad video that was released, the claim is that these objects, in the air and the sea, operate in ways thought impossible. They move faster than any human built craft and they maneuver well beyond our capability. In one case, an object was claimed to have been in the air then it went into the sea, moving at speeds well beyond any known seagoing vessel. The video for that one shows what looks like a piece of fuzz moving around on a grainy black and white video.

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One response to “Alien Reboot, by The Zman

  1. Assuming they are not doing this for fun could be planning ahead. Suppose in the near future there is going to be some extraordinary catastrophe which can’t be blamed on the usual suspects/scapegoats. But so odd that it seems to confirm that aliens are here. Better get the mugs primed so they are looking away from the real perps.


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