Doug Casey on the “Graveyard of Empires”

A lot of blood and treasure has been expended by countries and empires for a country that Doug Casey calls one of the planet’s most valueless regions. From Casey at

International Man: After almost 20 years, the US government announced it is officially leaving Afghanistan and is pulling its troops out of the country soon.

What’s your take on this? Did the US government accomplish anything?

Doug Casey: The US presence in Afghanistan for 20 years is clinically insane. The place has long been acknowledged as one of the planet’s most isolated, backward, and valueless regions. Its inhabitants belong to disparate groups which are mutually antagonistic. Afghanistan isn’t even a real country. It’s a region.

How stupid are US leaders that—on top of those points—they could learn nothing from the total failure of earlier British and Soviet invasions? Or our own experience in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, a primitive country the US invaded on the pretext of propping up a very corrupt and unpopular government, war hawks said, “We can’t withdraw because it would show that the commies beat us. We have a huge commitment. It’s too hard.” People like myself countered, “It’s not hard at all. Cut your losses. You simply put the soldiers on the boats, you put the boats in reverse, and leave.”

Of course, by the time the US left Vietnam, it was a chaotic emergency evacuation with people being kicked off helicopters from the top of the US Embassy. A desperate run for cover. But that’s the proper fate for invaders, no matter where they’re from. It’s sad in the case of the US, which betrayed its founding principles, however.

Who benefited from the US invasion of Afghanistan?

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