Orange was Right About the “China Virus” . . . but Got it Wrong, Regardless, by Eric Peters

Getting one fact right about the coronavirus does not constitute an effective response to the coronavirus, and it cost Trump the election. From Eric Peters at

It’s suddenly “safe” – just like that – to show your face again. And it is also “safe” for the corporate-state propaganda organs – what is styled the “media” – to admit that the Orange Man may have been right about the China Virus. That it did, indeed, come from China – via the Wuhan Institute for Virology, with some funding help from the Friends of Fauci.

But Orange Man is still very bad.

He certainly does not deserve to be trusted, ever again.

He may have been right about where the China Virus came from but he was spectacularly wrong about everything else pertaining to it. Most particularly, he was wrong to literally stand by the almost-literally Dr. Evil who used the fear of the China Virus to turn America into something very much like China. A land in which government officials can simply decree and the populace is obliged to obey. For as long – and as hard – as the government officials say.

Parts of America are still “locked down” – something even China isn’t.

Americans were forced, en masse, to either pretend they were terrified (and so enable the terrorization of other Americans) by walking around like characters out of the Walking Dead, with absurd “coverings” over their faces – literally anything qualified, so long as their faces were covered – or accept a kind of Pariah status, like Untouchables in India, enforced by the fear as much as the “mandates.”

Millions of Americans are still covering their faces – including millions who’ve received what is styled “their” vaccines, which the Orange Man did not fail to push at Warp Speed. And now pushes on those who are “hesitant” to be injected with a substance that may do them more actual harm than the China Virus might do them.

And which the new president is doing his all to make sure they all get injected with. The greatest actual harm of all.

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