My Body, My Choice? by Eric Peters

It’s your body and your choice except if you choose not to wear a mask, social distance, or get the vaccine. From Eric Peters at

One of the more glaring cognitive dissonances of our time is the assertion, on the one hand – and usually asserted most stridently by people on the Left – that their bodies are inviolable . . . when it comes to their decision about whether to abort the life they are carrying. And on the other hand, the assertion – most rabidly asserted by the same people – that everyone else must submit their bodies for medical treatment that might just abort them.

So much for their contrary decision about their bodies.

This is not meant to be an article about abortion, per se. I merely use abortion to try to make the point about the situationally pirouetting intellectual dishonesty of the Left, which is most aggressively pushing for the violation of everyone else’s body while at the same time unctuously demanding theirs be respected, absolutely.

Even though it’s not their body that’s at issue as regards their most militantly hewed-to issue.

Abortion is by definition the ending of a life. This is inarguable, a biological fact – no getting around it and no matter how awkward or inconvenient the fact may be for some to deal with.

It is also not the life of the mother that is ended when an abortion is performed. Another inarguable fact – vociferously denied by those who know it is a fact and so obviates their talking points about their body.

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