What Are The Judeo-Christian Principles? by Paul Rosenberg

What are the principles that serve as the foundation for Western Civilization? From Paul Rosenberg at freemansperspective.com:

t has become common to speak of Judeo-Christian principles, but that also begs the question of precisely what those principles are. And so, not long ago, I searched for a clear set of them and came up dry. I found statements of religious beliefs and I found lists of good habits that were spawned by Judeo-Christian principles, but I didn’t find the principles themselves.

Nonetheless, a consistent set of Judeo-Christian principles held all through the run of Western civilization. And they remain even now, as our civilization sputters toward either a defiant revival or a whimpering end.

The principles of Judaism and Christianity empowered what was, by far, the most productive and moral civilization in recorded history. (Yes, with many failures, but with many fewer and smaller failures than any other major civilization.) I think these principles are worthy of our time, and, more importantly, are worthy of our action.

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