Roving Ronamaniacs, by Eric Peters

The first vaccine door-to-door will be ostensibly friendly. The second will be as friendly as an IRS audit . . . unless you submit. If they can physically compel you to get a vaccination, you’re living in a police state. From Eric Peters at

By now, everyone who is willing to assume the risks – and they are serious and several – of the cure for what doesn’t ail them has done so. The rest aren’t “hesitant,” as it is oilily styled. They aren’t interested. Chiefly on account of the increasing awareness – among the thinking – of the serious and several risks. As opposed to the non-rewards attending the assuming thereof.

This thinking is, of course, unacceptable – to those interested in making sure everyone is forced to assume the risks of the cure for what doesn’t ail them.

To assure that everyone submits, to put it more accurately.

It is why Joe Biden will – according to news reports – send swarms of officers hither to harass the “hesitant,” in person – by having pushy strangers show up at the homes of the “hesitant” to implicitly threaten them for being “hesitant.” This being implicitly threatening because it is always an implied threat when anyone associated with the government shows up, unasked for, at one’s home.

It is not a friendly visit from a neighbor who is just stopping by to exchange pleasantries.

It is minions of the state, armed with (for now) clipboards and big noses, tasked with  identifying and documenting the “hesitant” so that later, perhaps, a more overt threat than clipboards can be used to cure further “hesitancy.”

Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and, oftentimes, door to door – literally knocking on doors – to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” says Uncle Joe. Who is becoming very much like another Uncle Joe, who also sent minions door-to-door.

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