A Different World Order, by Patrick Lawrence

Much of the world no longer wants to dance to the United States’ tune, and encouraged by Russia and China, they’re not going to. From Patrick Lawrence at consortiumnews.com:

A new order among nations does not imply some kind of Orwellian Oceania — a globally homogenized superstate, the grotesque dream of liberal cosmopolitans.

View of Cuba from International Space Station, 255 miles above the Atlantic Ocean. (NASA Johnson, Flickr)

You have to applaud — and read carefully into — the events that followed Washington’s latest attempt to subvert the Republic of Cuba by way of a collective of disaffected artists called the San Isidro Movement. Look thoughtfully enough into what transpired in the immediate aftermath of this weirdly conceived violation of Cuban sovereignty and you see the embryonic makings of an emergent, post–American world order. Note the acorn, await the oak: This is how we ought to view our moment.

The daylong protests that erupted in various Cuban cities on July 11 had a strange reek about them even in mainstream news reports. The crowd counts were exaggerated, pro-government, counter-demonstrations ignored. CNN ran pictures of supporters of the revolution and blurred their placards to cast them as dissidents; one photograph shot in Miami’s conservative Cuban community was captioned to suggest it was in Cuba.

At this point, anyone who still takes the American press and broadcasters as other than propaganda operations is possessed of some childlike need to believe the things we all heard in our fifth-grade civics classes.

The hard-line Biden regime leapt to the occasion. “The U.S. stands firmly with the people of Cuba as they assert their universal rights,” the president declared with his usual grandiosity — “the Cuban people and their clarion call for freedom,” the man from Scranton would have you know.

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