They Knew Everything and Did Nothing, by Techno Fog

It never seems to occur to the puppet masters, but if you cover up the crimes of a scumbag like Jeffrey Epstein and then lie about his death, it makes people less inclined to believe you about things like the 2020 election and Covid-19 vaccines. In other words, people remember your lies. From Techno Fog at

Revisiting the DOJ efforts to protect Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein's final days at NYC jail revealed by inmates - New York  Daily News

It has been two years since Jeffrey Epstein died.

I refuse to say he committed suicide because that would require trust in the DOJ’s investigation into his death. Not that it’s inconceivable that Epstein committed suicide. He was facing serious charges that would have resulted in serious time. He revised his will two days before he died. (Indicative of planning his death or being fearful he’d be killed, however you want to look at it.) Rather, it’s that we’ve learned from the Epstein saga that the DOJ, which serves the broader interests of the US government, can’t be trusted.

Two years gone and we still have no good answers about Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to intelligence.

There are sources telling Vicky Ward of Rolling Stone that “Epstein’s dealings in the arms world in the 1980s had led him to work for multiple governments, including the Israelis.” Ward’s sources said that Epstein “was known in the intelligence world as a ‘hyper-fixer,’ somebody who can go between different cultures and networks.”

As to the allegations that Epstein was dealing arms in the 1980s – if true, then likely in conjunction with US or Israeli intelligence – that might explain why he had an Austrian passport that was used to enter France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s.

And it’s easy to imagine Epstein being a “hyper-fixer” in the 1990s-2000s, given his ties to influential political and corporate figures. Think Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Leslie Wexner (of Victoria Secret’s fame), to name a few.

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