Rabobank: US Liberal-Neocon Imperialist Nation Building Is Over, by Michael Every

We can only hope the headline is true. From Michael Every at Rabobank via zerohedge.com:

America and Markets Firstest

I told you yesterday there was a good chance that US equities would ignore the debacle of the collapse of a key US client state, and so they did. Of course it was always 50-50, but the fact that markets could shrug off what is happening in Afghanistan is as damning of their lack of vision as it is of everyone responsible for the debacle inside the Beltway.

Apparently there are still tens if not hundreds of thousands of Americans and US visa holders trapped in Kabul at a time where holding such papers makes one a target, and any outside the capital are considered no longer reachable. Twitter is already filled with tales of deadly reprisals against those who worked with the US, and shocking videos of people clinging to the outside of planes rather than celebrating, as Yanis Varoufakis put it, “the day liberal-neocon imperialism was defeated once and for all.” By Islamic fundamentalism. But Yanis, do recall that the US invasion was triggered by Afghanistan hosting Al-Qaeda before and after 9/11; which was a legacy of the CIA-funded Mujahedeen; which was a legacy of the Soviet invasion and *Soviet* imperialism.

Varoufakis also offers solidarity to terrified Afghan women, and helpfully tweets “Hang in there sisters!” For what, exactly – ‘The Revolution’? The Taliban’s official spokesman, who has a Twitter blue checkmark, will be able to respond even if the women, and a former US president, cannot. Furthermore, a female CNN journalist, dressed very differently to last week, states on live TV of Taliban fighters behind her: They’re just shouting ‘Death to America!’ but they seem friendly at the same time. It’s utterly bizarre. And she’s right. Indeed, Western intersectional thinkers might struggle to square how some Afghans would rather die than embrace their “friendly” liberation from despised Western social power-structures; if they had any more mental flexibility than those who always say “because markets”. Now there is a dialectic for you, and goodness only knows what the ultimate synthesis is.

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