What Would Temüjin Do? by Articles of Confederation

The US government could learn something about fighting in Asia from an historical figure who was pretty darn good at fighting in Asia. From Articles of Confederation at theburningplatform.com:

Over the past few days, I – like most of the rest of the world, I would imagine – have been riveted to news of the most epic boondoggle in American history. I couldn’t help but obsess over how a real leader would have handled not just Afghanistan, but the entire passive-aggressive, effeminate state of affairs in these “United” States since the end of World War 2. As usual, I always circle back to the most maligned (in the West) and misunderstood (in both the East and the West) leader over the last couple of millennia – Temüjin, known to most folks as Genghis Khan.

If the reader is so inclined, pick up a copy of Weatherford’s Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. It reads more like a fascinating biography than a classical history text, and I’ve made sure my elementary and middle school children have read it along with The Art of War. I wanted them to consume real history and Eastern philosophy before they get into high school and are forced to write essays on such illustrious American topics as The 1619 Project or I Have Two Daddies.

This whole train of thought started not only over Uncle Depends’ dereliction of duty in Bactria, but also the idiotic, talking head hacks in The Exceptional Nation that believe “nobody has won in Afghanistan since, like, the Dawn of Man”. Wrong, you bumbling Western maroons. I’m tired of listening to that garbage rhetoric. Here’s my take on how the Great Genghis Khan (GGK) would have handled Afghanistan.

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