Opting out of Sickness Psychosis, by Eric Peters

Civil disobedience and some well-directed questions are recommended opt-outs. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

How do the sane among us prepare for a world in which sickness psychosis obtains?

A world in which healthy people are expected to efface their faces and roll up their sleeves – over and over again – and then present proof they have, in order to be allowed to live? Who wants to live this way?

There is a way out.

Two, actually.

The first could make the second unnecessary, if only enough people would summon the gumption to practice rational refusal. To demand to know why a healthy person should be forced to wear a “mask” in the absence of sickness – and on the basis of  the nonsensical assertion that a “mask” prevents the spread of this sickness, for which there is no evidence, merely assertion.

To question why a sickness with a 99.8-something recovery rate among otherwise healthy people under the age of 70 should be justification for presumptively – and forcibly – treating every person as if they were over 70 and unhealthy.

To ask why the “health” of other people is not primarily the responsibility of those other people.

To insist upon the ancient and honorable human right to freely associate. To ask why it is that some people feel they have the right to forbid others to freely associate.

To loudly ask why a reasonable person ought not to be wary of any product that not only could be dangerous but which has proved itself to be dangerous – made by companies that cannot be sued for the damages their products cause. To note the incongruity of this, as shown by the understandable unwillingness of most people to buy even a TV without a warranty, let alone one that sometimes blows up or catches fire.

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