So why did the Capitol Hill cop come out? by Monica Showalter

The name that was kept secret for months is now public, but not because anyone in the government has any high-borne notions of honesty and transparency. From Monica Showalter at

After months of supposed hiding, the Capitol Hill cop who shot unarmed pro-Trump protestor Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol, Lt. Michael Byrd has come out of the woodwork to talk about his shooting, in a softball interview with NBC’s Lester Holt.

Which is weird stuff, given that for months his identity had been concealed, by investigators, Congress, and other supposed watchdogs, on the grounds that revealing it to angry Trump supporters was too dangerous, and whose investigative conclusions excused him from accountability.

Now he’s come out — telling Lester Holt of his great heroics. He doesn’t even need to, having been exonerated repeatedly.

The most likely reason is this lawsuit, and these efforts by Babbitt’s family to get answers:

Babbitt’s family is suing for the identity of the officer to be publicly released but so far that effort has not borne fruit. They are also filing a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit, claiming the officer didn’t issue a verbal command according to the Washington Examiner.

A lawsuit would concentrate anyone’s mind, even in the name of his agency, making it quite likely that he would think of preparing a defense.

It’s a typical lawyer tactic, when it can be done and a judge doesn’t slap it down, to try to sway public opinion, particularly when a defense is weak

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One response to “So why did the Capitol Hill cop come out? by Monica Showalter

  1. Our In-Justice system shall protect its children to hell with the people, even if they are shot dead due to negligence stupidity and incompetance.
    Especiallyif they are black.
    Imagine a white cop shooting a black woman here.


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