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The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection, by Sundance

The “emergency situation” prevented Congressional consideration of election fraud. From sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com:

The Ring of Truth – “I am too well accustomed to the taking of evidence not to detect the ring of truth.” 1908, Edith Wharton

Much has been made of the events of January 6, 2021, and with the latest broadcast of CCTV video from inside the Capitol Hill complex, more questions have been raised.

Within the questions: the FBI and government apparatus had advanced knowledge of the scale of the J6 mall assembly yet doing nothing?  Why were the Capitol Hill police never informed of the FBI concerns?  Why didn’t House Speaker Nancy Pelosi secure the Capitol Hill complex, and why did she deny the request by President Trump to call up the national guard for security support?  Why did the FBI have agent provocateurs in the crowd, seemingly stimulating rage within a peaceful crowd to enter the Capitol building?  There have always been these nagging questions around ‘why’?

Long time CTH reader “Regitiger” has spent a great deal of time reviewing the entire process, looking at the granular timeline and then overlaying the bigger picture of the constitutional and parliamentary process itself.  What follows below is a brilliant analysis of the federal government motive to create a J6 crisis that permitted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to trigger an emergency session and avoid the 2020 election certification challenges.

Those congressional floor challenges, known and anticipated well in advance of the morning of January 6, 2021, would have formed a legal and constitutional basis for ‘standing’ in judicial challenges that would have eventually reached the Supreme Court.  The certification during “emergency session” eliminated the problem for Washington DC.

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NEVER BEFORE SEEN VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi’s Filmmaker Daughter Alexandra Pelosi Caught on Tape REFUTING J6 NARRATIVE – Admitting Jan. 6 Protests Not an Insurrection, DC Courts Too Biased, by Jim Hoft

This is awkward for the Pelosis . . . and for the fiction that the January 6 defendants are getting any kind of impartial justice. From Jim Hoft at thegatewaypundit.com:

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra Pelosi is producing an HBO documentary about the January 6, 2021, protests and riot in Washington DC.

In October 2022, CNN released never-before-seen footage of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 — the two people who refused to call in the National Guard prior to that day and during the rioting.

The footage was filmed by Nancy’s daughter Alexandra. Nancy’s son-in-law was outside during the protests filming the “insurrection.”

Never mind all the skipped over moments and footage–like when police started launching flashbangs into the crowd a little after 1pm–you decide how authentic this appears to be https://t.co/brgM5bLFI0

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) October 13, 2022

Nancy had a camera crew at the US Capitol as if she knew it was going to be a historic day.  It was quite the coincidence.

As it turned out, January 6 was a historic day.  It was also well-planned and staged.

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Did a Government Intel Asset Plant Key Evidence inProud Boys Case? By Julie Kelly

Do you call the January 6 judicial proceedings kangaroo courts or show trials? From Julie Kelly at amgreatness.com:

We should be suspicious of weird coincidences.

It’s week five of the Justice Department’s most high-profile—and high-stakes—criminal trial related to the events of January 6, 2021. Five members of the Proud Boys face the rare “seditious conspiracy” charge. Guilty verdicts—almost certain given the government’s near-perfect conviction rate for January 6 defendants—would build legal momentum for a similar indictment against Donald Trump. (The trial is so crucial that Matthew Graves, the Biden-appointed U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia responsible for prosecuting every January 6 case, has shown up in the courtroom on at least three occasions.)

Trump is a major figure in this trial, an unindicted coconspirator of sorts. Last week, Judge Timothy Kelly allowed prosecutors to play a clip of Trump’s extemporaneous comment for the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by”—a remark uttered during a presidential debate in September 2020 more than three months before the Capitol protest. The Justice Department wants to portray the comment as a call to arms, tying the alleged “militia” group to the former president.

The clip is just another thin reed of evidence in the government’s landmark domestic terrorism case. In fact, much of the “evidence” amounts to nothing more than worthless trinkets, braggadocious group chats, and otherwise protected political speech. 

It now appears that one key piece of evidence was not the work of any defendant in this case but rather written by a one-time government intelligence asset with unusual ties to both the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, another group involved in January 6.

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Night of January 6th, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

January 6th was the sole expression of popular outrage concerning a stolen election. It was trivial compared to say, the George Floyd riots. Why have the January 6 protestors been so relentlessly pursued while few if any of the George Floyd rioters have even been prosecuted. From Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. at lewrockwell.com:

The so-called “Justice” Department has acted with draconian severity against the entirely legal demonstrators of January 6th , who were protesting the illegal election of brain-dead Joe Biden, in the face of substantial evidence the election had been stolen from President Donald Trump. The right to petition the government is guaranteed by the First Amendment, but this has not stopped Merrick Garland from a wave of prosecutions, and more such actions are planned. As if this were not enough the report of the Committee to Investigate the January 6th demonstrations has released the social security numbers of 2000 people who visited President Trump in December 2020, just before the protests,  exposing them to threats and violence.

Let’s look at what has happened. Here is a story from the New York Times, but remember when you read it, that this paper cannot report news objectively but insists on the Left line: “The investigation into the storming of the Capitol is, by any measure, the biggest criminal inquiry in the Justice Department’s 153-year history.

And even two years after Jan. 6, 2021, it is only getting bigger.

In chasing leads and making arrests, federal agents have already seized hundreds of cellphones, questioned thousands of witnesses and followed up on tens of thousands of tips in an exhaustive process that has resulted so far in more than 900 arrests from Maine to California.

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2 Yrs After Jan. 6: 1,000 arrested; no one charged with ‘insurrection’, by Sharyl Attkisson

How can you have an insurrection in which no one is charged with insurrection? From Sharyl Attkisson at sharylattkisson.com:

Two years after the January 6 pro-Trump rally and Capitol riots, the Dept. of Justice has charged nearly 1,000 people with crimes.

However, nobody has been formally accused of “sedition,” “treason,” or “insurrection,” according to officials.

Sedition is defined as: Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

Insurrection is defined as: A violent uprising against a government or authority.

Treason is defined as: Betrayal of one’s own country by attempting to overthrow the government through waging war against the state or materially aiding its enemies.

The closest related charge made is “seditious conspiracy,” which is planning or plotting with at least one other person to incite rebellion against the authority; not necessarily, personally, committing an act of sedition. Several suspects pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy. At least one of them, a member of the “Oath Keepers” group, was not present at the US Capitol on January 6.

To date, it is inaccurate and arguably libelous to refer to January 6 defendants as “insurrectionists.”

Most of the defendants, approximately 860, are charged with entering or remaining in a restricted federal building or grounds.

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One Normal Thought About the Jan-6 Capitol Break-in, by Jon Rappoport

Show us the crime or no one should do time. From Jon Rappoport at lewrockwell.com:

Here’s the average normal thought:

If there were was a plot to do a lot more than doubt the vote tally in the election…

If there was an actual plot and a LAUNCHED OPERATION to overturn the official election result…

Or an actual launched operation to kidnap elected federal legislators…or take over the government…

Instead of the droning Jan-6 hearings and the declaration that all “MAGA PEOPLE” are dangerous extremists and a threat to the nation…

Let’s see the plot and the operation spelled out, in detail. All spelled out in one place, with the evidence attached.

That’s all.

Not the recitation of what some supposed QAnon person said or claimed; not what some goofball powerless plotters might have talked about in a cellar one night; not some high-flying assertions from Democrats or RINOs. Not generalizations from the FBI or DHS or DOJ. Not a recitation of suggestive comments possibly made by Trump people or Trump himself. Not arrests and prosecutions of people “connected to January 6” on charges like criminal trespass.

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Simone Gold, Domestic Terrorist, Was Scheduled For Release From Prison On September 11th, by Allan Stevo

Simone Gold got caught up in the January 6 persecution, but she’s also been part of that small group of medical professionals who has vigorously questioned the Covid narrative. From Allan Stevo at lewrockwell.com:

How fitting that someone sat down with a calendar and said, “Simone Gold, one of the highest profile ‘scalps’ of January 6, 2021, should be released from prison on September 11, 2022, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks.”

 Whatever you believe took place on 9/11, the fallout of that day is clear. That is the day in which the insurrection against the American people really kicked into high gear. The administrative state had been focussed, busy, and growing up until 1989.  A declared victory against the USSR came to fruition as satellite state after satellite state toppled in the fall and winter of that year. 

 In 1991, the American administrative state again declared victory over the USSR, as the USSR, itself, finally toppled. And then the members of the American administrative state were treated like victors are supposed to be treated — they are thanked for their Cold War service and sent home to the plow. 

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Capitol Police Use Of Force Reports Expose Unprovoked Brutality Against Jan. 6 Protesters, by Patricia Tolson

Now if we can just get all the videotapes of the January 6 protests released. From Patricia Tolson at The Epoch Times via zerohedge.com:

A 104-page report issued three months after the events at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021, said the Capitol Police’s Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) was ordered by supervisors not to use “heavier, less-lethal weapons,” like flash bangs. However, video evidence—along with Capitol Police Use of Force Reports obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times—exposes conflicts in timelines, the brutality of the unprovoked attacks against Jan. 6 protesters, and how leadership ordered the deployment of munitions on a peaceful crowd.

A photographer and police officer give first aid to Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6, 2021. The man at left was once wanted by the FBI. (Video Still/Sam Montoya for The Epoch Times)

The Video Evidence

Victoria White

According to Police1, the “#1 resource for law enforcement online,” which promotes “the highest standards of business ethics,” police are trained to target large muscle groups like legs, chest, abdomen, and arms with batons. Intentionally striking areas like the head, sternum, and spine are considered to be the same act of deadly force as firing a gun.

However, a video shows Jan. 6 defendant Victoria White being beaten over the head 35 times with a metal baton and punched in the face by an officer of the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia. White, seen wearing a Trump hat, is unarmed and posed no threat to the officer. She raises her hands in defense during the brutal attack, collapsing more than once, only to be stood up by other officers to be maced and beaten again.

According to a Use of Force report filed 1/7/21 by Officer Dante Price, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, “approved strike areas” for use of a baton “include arms, legs and large muscle groups.” Injuries suffered by Dante’s victim required hospital transport. Another report of an injury caused by use of a baton, filed 1/8/21 by Officer Ryan Kendall, states “approved target areas” include the “upper abdomen.”

“To add insult to injury,” her legal team said at a Jan. 6, 2022 press conference, “she was indicted for being pushed into the tunnel entrance and for daring to put her hands up in a defensive posture while getting beaten by the police.”

White has filed a $1 million lawsuit against D.C. Police Chief Robert Contree and seven unnamed officers, including one known as “Officer Whiteshirt,” given the moniker as it is believed his clothing identified him as an officer in a position of authority.

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THEY ALL LIED AND WE HAVE PROOF! Highly Sensitive DOJ Jan 6. Documents Leaked to The Gateway Pundit – FBI Confidential Human Source INFILTRATED Proud Boys, Ran FBI Operation on J-6, Reported They Were INNOCENT! — See Texts and Documents IN FULL!! By Cara Castronuava

If the leaked documents are authentic, it dramatically exposes FBI and Justice Department corruption around January 6 and the subsequent investigation. From Cara Castonuava thegatewaypundit.com:

Will this be the end of Chris Wray?  It should be.

The FBI and the Department of Injustice continue to viciously politically persecute American Citizens and terrorize the public.

Now they’ve been caught.

Shame on the McCarthy-like January 6th Unselect Committee for abusing their power and using groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers as fall guys so they can punish their political opposition!

This is not the United States we were promised.

Their lies are being exposed.

A whistleblower has leaked a treasure trove of documents and text messages, some marked “Highly Sensitive”, to the Gateway Pundit. These documents contain incredible exculpatory evidence proving the Department of Justice was aware that a group of Indicted Proud Boys were innocent- yet are prosecuting them anyway.

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Free Dr. Simone Gold