Diaper Report 8/28/21, by Eric Peters

We are required to wear masks and get vaccines to protect a lot of people who care very little about their health or lives. Makes sense. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

A good friend of mine is a nurse who works at the VA – the hospital for sick veterans. He is throughly disgusted with what goes on within, especially the heavy pressure being applied to get him to roll up his sleeve – for the sake of the heavies within. And at the behest of doctors – and a medical-pharmaceutical apparat – that feeds these heavies the very things that made them sick in the first place.

And thereby feeds off of them.

He tells me of refrigerators stocked with ice cream and soda. That such food is knowingly given to morbidly obese diabetics nurses (not him) and ok’d by doctors. Also chips and anything else these sick patients desire – in the quantity desired. He tells me of being chastened by doctors after raising questions about this; of being unsupported when he tried to explain to his obese patients the correlation between what – and how much – they eat and their sickness.

Just give them what they want is the order of the day at the VA.

But he is supposed to roll up his sleeve – to “keep them safe,” from a secondary sickness that would threaten them little if at all – at the potential cost of his health, which is very good because he is not obese. Which he’s not because he works out regularly and does not eat excessive quantities of the foods that tend to result in obesity.

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  1. You must take the mark. Now sit down and STFU.


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