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Will U.S. Collapse Because Americans ‘Too Fat and Criminal’ to Defend Country? By Robert Bridge

It’s getting harder and harder to find those few good men and women. From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

How the U.S. military will find the man power to fill its ranks is a herculean problem that promises to haunt army brass for many years.

Recruitment numbers for the Army are at all-time lows as Americans are either too fat or criminal to defend the nation, an Army general warned. Does this spell impending disaster for the nuclear superpower?

Rome collapsed due to overexpansion of its borders; America, on the other hand, just might collapse due to the overexpansion of its waistline.

Lt. Gen Xavier Brunson, the commander of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, explained why recruitment is so low following an Army news release that it wouldn’t meet its 485,000 recruitment goal for 2022, falling short by a whopping 20,000 recruits.

‘Some of the challenges we have are obesity, we have pre-existing medical conditions, we have behavioral health problems, we have criminality, people with felonies, and we have drug use,’ Brunson told Spokesman Review.

Here are some sobering statistics with regards to obesity rates in the United States.

All states and territories had more than 20% of adults with obesity. 20% to less than 25% of adults had obesity in 3 states (Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts) and the District of Columbia; 25% to less than 30% of adults had obesity in 11 states.

30% to less than 35% of adults had obesity in 20 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico; 35% or more adults had obesity in 16 states (Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia).

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Leading Cause of Knee Replacement, Infertility, Liver Failure, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you’re obese, you have an enhanced chance of affliction from all sorts of maladies. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

health risks of obesity

Story at-a-glance

  • Rates of obesity are skyrocketing around the globe, bringing with them associated health problems like infertility, liver failure and knee osteoarthritis leading to an increase in knee replacement surgery
  • Obesity is associated with an increased risk of undergoing knee replacement surgery
  • Women in the most severe obese category (class 3) were more likely to have knee replacement surgery at a younger age — 7.2 years earlier than normal weight women
  • Close to 90% of people who undergo primary knee replacement in Australia are overweight or obese
  • Children and adolescents who were overweight or obese tended to have smaller testicles compared to their normal weight peers; maintaining a healthy body weight in childhood could help prevent male infertility later in life
  • Ultraprocessed foods high in fructose and “vegetable” oils are driving up rates of obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

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Life Before Processed Food


Daniel Holland🎗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ॐ on Twitter: "Fattest man in the world  -1903, compared to a US Policeman in 2012. http://t.co/1hN6bdED" / Twitter

h/t The Burning Platform

Scientists May Have Discovered Why COVID Hits Fat People Harder, by Tyler Durden

Like a lot of diseases, it’s an undeniable fact that Covid takes a far heavier toll on the far heavier subset of the population. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one of the most common denominators in deaths and severe Covid is obesity.

A vicious cycle…

Pre-vaccine, 73% of those who died of (or with) Covid-19 were either overweight or obese – which tracks with the percentage of overweight and obese Americans.

Distribution of deaths among adults hospitalized for COVID-19 in the United States from March to December 2020, by body mass index

In addition to having generally poor circulatory health, an obese person is more likely to have other conditions that are risk factors for severe Covid, including low-level inflammation, diabetes and lung disease.

A September 2020 meta-analysis suggested a linear relationship between BMI and Covid-19 severity and mortality.

Meanwhile, and this is unrelated to the point of this article – 75% of Covid deaths to date (unvaxxed and vaxxed) in the United States are retirement age or older, with another 18% between the ages of 50 and 64-years-old. So the vast majority of US Covid deaths are in older Americans, 73% or so of whom are overweight or obese.

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When Pandemics Collide: the Interplay of Obesity and COVID-19, by Manpreet S. Mundi, Jayshil J. Patel, Osman Mohamed Elfadil, Jalpan Patel, Ishani Patel, Sanjeev Nanda, and Ryan T. Hurt

Obesity is one of the leading comorbidities with Covid. From Manpreet S. Mundi, Jayshil J. Patel, Osman Mohamed Elfadil, Jalpan Patel, Ishani Patel, Sanjeev Nanda, and Ryan T. Hurt at the National Center for Biotechnology Information at ncbi.nim.nih.gov:


Purpose of Review

The COVID-19 pandemic has been associated with significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. In addition to those with advanced age and co-morbidities such as heart disease or cancer, obese individuals have also had very high rates of hospitalization, critical illness, need for ventilator support, as well as mortality. A number of factors associated with obesity have led to devastating consequences as these two pandemics have interacted.

Recent Findings

Obese individuals through a combination of structural and cellular level changes have greater risk of ischemic heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory disease, which are themselves risk-factors for acquiring COVID-19 disease. These structural changes also result in increased intra-abdominal and intra-thoracic pressure as well as a restrictive lung physiology that leads to reduction in total lung capacity, functional residual capacity, and increase in airway hyper-reactivity. Adipose tissue is also impacted in obese individuals leading to local as well as systemic inflammation, which can contribute to increased release of free fatty acids and systemic insulin resistance. Additionally, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 and dipeptidyl peptidase 4, which act as receptors for SARS-CoV-2 are also significantly increased in obese individuals.


The present manuscript reviews these structural, immune, and molecular changes associated with obesity that make obese individuals more vulnerable to acquiring severe COVID-19 and more challenging to manage associated complications.

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Diaper Report 8/28/21, by Eric Peters

We are required to wear masks and get vaccines to protect a lot of people who care very little about their health or lives. Makes sense. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

A good friend of mine is a nurse who works at the VA – the hospital for sick veterans. He is throughly disgusted with what goes on within, especially the heavy pressure being applied to get him to roll up his sleeve – for the sake of the heavies within. And at the behest of doctors – and a medical-pharmaceutical apparat – that feeds these heavies the very things that made them sick in the first place.

And thereby feeds off of them.

He tells me of refrigerators stocked with ice cream and soda. That such food is knowingly given to morbidly obese diabetics nurses (not him) and ok’d by doctors. Also chips and anything else these sick patients desire – in the quantity desired. He tells me of being chastened by doctors after raising questions about this; of being unsupported when he tried to explain to his obese patients the correlation between what – and how much – they eat and their sickness.

Just give them what they want is the order of the day at the VA.

But he is supposed to roll up his sleeve – to “keep them safe,” from a secondary sickness that would threaten them little if at all – at the potential cost of his health, which is very good because he is not obese. Which he’s not because he works out regularly and does not eat excessive quantities of the foods that tend to result in obesity.

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Their Own Stupidity and Selfishness, by Eric Peters

Is it selfish or stupid to take care of one’s self? If so, we need a lot more of such selfishness and stupidity. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

We hear – we cannot escape hearing – about the putative “stupidity” and “selfishness” of healthy people who refuse to pretend they are sick (for the sake of the feelings of people who are sick in the head) and who are refusing to be injected with a substance that has made tens of thousands very sick.

Including sick from the sickness supposedly “vaccinated” against. It seems a little  . . . stupid, does it not?

I’ll speak now of my own “stupidity” and “selfishness.”

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I drink occasionally and moderately. I eat almost no processed food – the occasional indulgence excepted – and I make the effort to hit the gym every other day and the trail (to run) on the days I don’t hit the gym. For these very selfish – but far from stupid – reasons, I am . . . healthy.

I can still wear the size 32 waist pants I wore in high school more than 30 years ago. I take no pills, because I don’t need to take any pills. This is not just luck. Or good genetics. It is because of selfish actions taken by me.

Because I am not stupid.

Because I do not wish to get sick. Which can be avoided, to a great extent – and greatly ameliorated – by keeping healthy. On account of which, I have not gotten sick, notwithstanding I haven’t once “practiced” any form of the sick Kabuki expected of the healthy – most particularly, the wearing of the medically idiotic but psychologically very effective Face Diaper, or “mask” as the disgusting things are styled.

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Diaper Report 7/27/21, by Eric Peters

For many people, losing weight and getting healthy would lower their chances of contracting Covid far more than masks, social distancing, lockdowns, or vaccines. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

You can run, but you can’t hide goes the saying. True enough. But you can refuse. And you can quit.

That is the advice I have given a good friend of mine upon hearing the news that the Department of Veterans Affairs will require workers to submit to medical experiments using FDA-unapproved “vaccines” as the price of their continued employment.

My friend is a nurse who works at a VA hospital. He needs a “vaccine” like a sheep needs a wool sweater. This friend is my lifting buddy and he’s as hale and hearty as an oak and neither old nor obese – though many of his co-workers are the former. And – wouldn’t you know it – it is precisely these people who are the most adamant that he be “vaccinated.” 

This is one of the many halting inversions of CoronaMonoMania. People who clearly make no effort to be healthy – who guzzle six packs of soda daily, do not exercise, eat grotesque quantities of junk food and often smoke on top of it – finger-wag at people like my buddy, who isn’t “at risk” and presents no risk to them – because he chooses to be healthy by taking care of his health.

These fatties – sorry, but honest language is often necessary language – could greatly reduce their risk of getting sick (from anything) and from getting chronically sick (as from diabetes, hypertension and heart disease- all of which magnify the risk of the ‘Rona) if they would just drop the extra 50 pounds they’re lugging around their waists.

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The Obsession of the Unhealthy, by Eric Peters

Little attention is paid in the legacy media to the co-morbidities that afflict those who contract Covid-19, because many of them stem from choices of the afflicted. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

There is an old joke about the fat lady ordering fast food. She gets a double bacon cheeseburger, large fries . . . and a diet Coke.

She probably just got the shot, too. She almost certainly wore the Face Diaper.

It is an interesting, almost mathematical axiom that the people most freaked out about their health are the people who are the least healthy in terms of their habits, which tends to render one unhealthy.

It’s less the ‘Rona that’s killing people than obesity, largely caused by eating “food” not far removed from flavored drywall paste (washed down with lots of over-sweetened liquid diabetes in an estrogen-leaching plastic bottle) and killing habits such as not regularly exercising, which increases the tendency toward obesity. Add some pills – and vaccines – to the mix and what you end up with, ta-da, is a population of vulnerable people who easily get sick – sometimes very – from what would otherwise likely be minor illnesses, if they even got sick at all.

The “science” supports this, incidentally. It’s just not discussed, much.

Who – other than the elderly – is most likely to die from the ‘Rona? Get your parking ticket validated if you answered, obese people. If you’re elderly and heavy then you’re in trouble – but it’s not because of the ‘Rona. It’s because you’re unhealthy – and the cure for that isn’t medicine.

Which by the way may make you even more unhealthy and vulnerable.

Put another way: If you are height-weight proportionate, exercise regularly and are careful about what you eat, your health is the medicine that will keep you from getting sick. This is an inarguable truth and far more “safe and effective” than the supposed palliative being really pushed on people right now – including, strangely, on quite healthy people.

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Why COVID is like AIDS, by Alex Berenson

If you’re under sixty, you have a much higher risk of dying from Covid if you’re obese. That’s an inconvenience truth that gets little publicity in our easily offended age. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

Hint: not because the risks are similar.

In 1981, doctors in New York and Los Angeles saw healthy young men sicken and die within months, their immune systems apparently destroyed.

The deaths set off a frantic search for the culprit. By 1983 virologists had identified a novel pathogen they would call Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Over the next decade, scientists learned much more about HIV, which early on had a fatality rate close to 100 percent, worse even than Ebola or smallpox. Ultimately they tamed it – perhaps the greatest success for scientific and medical research in the late 20th century.

But the political story of AIDS is much trickier. Scientists realized quickly that gay men and intravenous drug users were at far higher risk of contracting HIV than the general public. But they feared people might not support funding for AIDS research – and stigmatize those groups further – if they explained that reality openly.

So they didn’t.

As Smithsonian Magazine reported in 2013:

“Federally-funded campaigns sought to address a large number of people from all backgrounds–male, female, homosexual or heterosexual. The America Responds to AIDS campaign, created by the CDC, ran from 1987 to 1996 and became a central part of the “everyone is at risk” message…”

The deception probably increased the public’s willingness to fund research. But it came with serious side effects. Smithsonian went on to explain:

“Some AIDS organizations, especially those providing service to communities at the highest risk for contracting HIV, saw the campaign as diverting money and attention away from the communities that needed it the most.”

It also caused needless fear in people at vanishingly low risk, especially heterosexual women.

Perhaps most important, it was fundamentally untrue.

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