How Government Reduced the Range of Your Non-Electric Car, by Eric Peters

One way to make something look better is to cripple its competition. From Eric Peters at

If modern cars had the same size gas tanks as cars once had, the range disparity between them an electric cars would be even more startling than it is – and electric cars would look even more ridiculous than they do, to minds capable of appreciating the humor of it.

Most any new or late-model  non-electric car can go about 350-400 miles on the highway, on a full tank of gas. This is still significantly farther than most electric cars can travel on a full charge – and the gas-powered car can be ready for another 350-400 miles in just a few minutes, while the electric car will be moored to a “fast” charger for at least 30 minutes – assuming you get there first and don’t have to wait at least 30 minutes for the car ahead of you to “fast” charge.”

And hope it’s not a fiery charge.

But if today’s cars carried more gas, they’d be able to go much farther – and without the bother (or the burn).

Most only carry 12-16 gallons, even V8-powered performance cars like the current Ford Mustang GT. Its 16 gallon tank – which would appropriate for an economy car – serves to reduce its highway range to 449.5 miles. That still gets you much farther down the road than you could travel in even the “longest range” electric cars, like a Tesla equipped with its optional (and costs-you-several-thousand-dollars-more) higher-capacity battery pack, which increase the car’s maximum range to 353 miles (but does nothing to reduce the wait – or the risk of a fire).

Most “gas hogs” can go farther – more cheaply and easily – than any energy hog electric car. They could go a lot farther, too – because unlike electric cars, it would be easy and cheap to increase their range – by the simple expedient of increasing the size of their tanks

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3 responses to “How Government Reduced the Range of Your Non-Electric Car, by Eric Peters

  1. Hmm, I’m probably wrong here, but my problem with gas / diesel powered or even electric powered vehicles is my bladder won’t last that long. And if my bladder does last that long, Then my eye balls feel like they are stating to float and yes I try to watch what I drink before hitting the road.


  2. I have the same problem. I’m good for about 175-200 miles on my best days.


  3. And it is much more fun being on 2 diuretics.


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