Open Letter to the Tyrant, by Eric Peters

Americans should flat-out refuse the mandated vaccine. From Eric Peters at

The president of the United States has decreed – no law has been passed – that every American will roll up their sleeves and be Jabbed , else lose their jobs. It will start with companies that employ 100 people or more. It will be expanded to every employer, eventually. The next step will be Proof of Jab to enter – anywhere. This is coming, as sure as the president’s moral authority is receding.

He intends to enforce his decrees using the regulatory apparat of the state, which is telling. America is now an openly lawless country. The Maximum Leader decrees – and the bureaucracy enforces. The trial balloon version of this was floated last year, when “mandates” and “guidelines” supplanted laws.

This is tyranny.

Not the funny, El Presidente of Ecuarico kind.

Some of the people may have voted for Joe Biden. No one voted for mandatory vaccines.  No representative of the people so voted. It was never put up for a vote. It was ordered. That is not America, anymore.

Americans are thus relieved of any obligation to obey.

The time has come to resist. Not with violence. With something more powerful.


We will not submit to this. It is not negotiable. You have neither the authority nor the right to order people to submit to any medical procedure, to take any drug. To force people to submit their children for medical procedures and to take drugs of dubious palliative value that are known to cause harm. We are not livestock, to be ear-tagged and injected at your pleasure.

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