How Big Pharma The CDC, and Big Medicine Have Deceived Us by the Cunning Use of Statistics – and Propaganda, by Gary G. Kohls, MD

The flu shot has become an annual ritual for many Americans, but they may want to check under the hood on that one. From Gary G. Kohls, MD at

October 18, 2019 (the same date of the contrived Event 201, sponsored by the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and John Hopkins University, that predicted the Covid-19 pandemic.

A longer version of this 2019 article can be found here.

The CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was born, just like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), as an important regulatory agency of the United States government. The intent of the legislation that authorized both watchdog groups was to regulate various corrupt and monopoly-seeking for-profit healthcare-related industries that could harm the health of the populace that are otherwise powerless to protect themselves from the dangerous practices of powerful healthcare-related industries.

Tragically, over the past few generations (most significantly starting with the presidency of the pro-Big Business, pro-Big Pharma Ronald Reagan), both the CDC and the FDA have been seriously co-opted by the Big Pharma Corporations, their Big Bank lenders and investors and the ubiquitous corporate lobbying groups that propagandize our legislators in DC.

Simultaneously, the CDC and FDA have abandoned their original mission of protecting the people from the inevitable adverse consequences of pharmaceutical greed and the toxic and often addictive products that they manufacture and profitably market, which results in the production of even more polluting by-products that then additionally sicken the victims who took the drugs or vaccines in the first place.

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