First responders: from heroes to zeroes, by Grace Curley

Many first responders have had Covid and rightly ask why they must take a vaccine that offers immunity much weaker than what they already have, not to mention the possibility of adverse side effects. For asking those questions and sometimes refusing the shots, last year’s heroes are being vilified and in some cases fired. From Grace Curley at

The rule-makers are not as concerned with medicine, science or health as they purport to be

healthcare heroes

Nurses at a hospital in California (Getty)
 At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, first responders were the toast of the town. Most of us appreciated that while we binge-watched Tiger King in our sweatpants and attempted to make sourdough bread from scratch, not everyone was lazily locking down.

Nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals were on the frontlines of the fight, taking on a virus the world knew little about. This sacrifice did not go unnoticed.

Americans proudly stuck signs on their front lawns that read ‘thank you first responders!’ McDonald’s gave out free ‘thank you meals’ to those who were helping fight COVID-19. Dr Anthony Fauci wasn’t the only one who made the TIME 100 List last year. The magazine also dubbed healthcare workers 2020’s ‘Guardians of the Year’.

‘On the front line against COVID-19, the world’s healthcare workers displayed the best of humanity — selflessness, compassion, stamina, courage — while protecting as much of it as they could,’ the fawning piece read.

Companies like Google, Dove and Adidas (to name but a few) produced commercials focused on celebrating first responders for their courage and bravery. In a time of division and frustration, the gratitude for productive and resilient members of our society was refreshing and well-deserved.

Sadly, something has quickly shifted.

Those who just one year ago were celebrated are now being vilified. The architects of this drastic rebrand? The ruling elite.

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