Where the Hell did the Workforce Go? by Gen Z Conservative

A lot of the workforce put on its pajamas, grabbed a beer or a glass of wine, went back to bed, turned on the tube, and decided to let the rest of us support them. From Gen Z Conservative at genzconservative.com:

A record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August as retail, bar, and restaurant industries saw the largest surge in employees who left their positions since the 1970s, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report released Tuesday.

Almost three percent of the workforce left their jobs in August, a jump of 242,000 from July’s figure, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Experts believe the jump from July’s record-setting number is at least partly due to workers seeking a better deal. Given the 10.4 million jobs open in the U.S., workers see an opportunity to get more convenient hours, better pay, or working conditions.

“This really elevated rate of people quitting their job is a sign that workers have lots of confidence and they have relatively stronger bargaining positions than they’ve had in the past,” Nick Bunker, an economist at Indeed.com said Monday. “There’s a lot of demand, and people are seizing that opportunity and quitting their jobs.”

Chris Markowski, the host of the podcast The Watchdog On Wallstreet, told America’s Conservative Voice (ACV) Wednesday that the record number of “quits” ― a business euphemism for people who leave their jobs ― is attributed to the number of benefits being paid to workers, keeping them out of the workforce.

“Nobody wants to work, it’s everywhere,” Markowski told ACV. “No one has any workers. The government basically started universal basic income when they send child care tax to individuals.”

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