“What Am I Doing?” He Asks, by James Howard Kunstler

Does anybody know what Joe Biden is doing? Certainly Joe Biden doesn’t. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

If you want a picture of things converging toward an unfortune outcome, imagine “Joe Biden” playing chicken with the future of the nation. Trouble is, the future is a very big thing — so big, you can’t see where it ends — while “Joe Biden” is one mere mortal, small and feeble… and the old jalopy he’s driving looks like it’s veering off the road….

The net effect is that life will go on in ways as-yet-undetermined upon this land-mass between the great oceans, but the vehicle “Joe Biden” is driving will end up a smoldering wreck, upside down in a drainage ditch with the phragmites and discarded Bud Lite cans. The passengers in the back seat are the economy and the social order of the USA, lying motionless with eyes Xed out in the twisted wreckage.

Ol’ White “Joe” did a “Town Hall” performance Thursday night, staged to demonstrate that he was in command of things, with a roster of carefully-vetted ringers chosen to pitch him softball questions on events du jour. Whose idea was that? And what sort of desperation prompted it? Answer No. 1: the claque of puppeteers watching the death-spiral of their wicked schemes to consolidate power forever; and No.2: a manifold collapse of the scaffold barely holding up something that resembles normal life in the USA.

The Leader of the Free World wandered the stage, sometimes oddly circling his interlocutor, Anderson Cooper of CNN, who had to step in and rescue the maundering “Joe B,” when he lost himself in thickets of talking points that no amount of rehearsal could avail to untangle. “What am I doing?” he asked more than once, but no one on the scene volunteered to remind him. The “president” frequently assumed poses that signified some kind of gross cognitive dysfunction: head turned down to the floor with his eyes shut… strange, mincing steps in the direction of a fugitive thought… fists balled like a two-year-old resisting some simple instruction… There was a robotic quality to the act, too, as “JB” repeated his place-holder phrase “Here’s the deal” to preface each flight into the murky jargon of Build Back Better.

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