An Interesting Disparity, by Eric Peters

Kill one person with a defective airbag and the auto manufacturer recalls 500,000 cars. Kill tens of thousands with a vaccine and the government wants to give it to kids. From Eric Peters at

Volvo has just announced it will recall about a half-million cars because of the safety threat suggested by the death of a single person, the result of a defective airbag. This is not a criticism of Volvo. It is a means of criticizing the adamant refusal of the drug-pushers to recall their far-more-dangerous products.

Hardly a day goes by without a credible report of someone who was pushed to take the drugs – styled “vaccines,” even though they do not vaccinate against anything but merely (supposedly) reduce the severity of the symptoms of the sickness supposedly being “vaccinated” against  – suffering what is styled an “adverse event.”

These include death and disabling problems that end life.

Imagine a car company describing the death of someone by defective air bag an “adverse event.” Imagine the hue and cry hat would ensue if a car company deliberately downplayed or even hid its knowledge of such an “adverse event.”

Of course, this doesn’t happen with cars – because the government dislikes them.

It wants to find a reason to get them off the road and to get people to dislike (or at least, be wary of) cars.

For this reason, the least little risk is always cause for “action,” as it is usually framed. Think of the “action” that resulted when a handful of careless drivers backed over a child in the driveway. All new cars were quickly required to be made with back-up cameras.

But when a child – when children – die or are horribly crippled by the drugs the government wants pushed, it’s no problem. Right now, the government is champing at the bit to force more kids – even babies – to have drugs pushed into their bodies.

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