Freedom and Ivermectin prevail, by Justus R. Hope

There’s a thriving market for Ivermectrin from millions of people who would rather risk “horse paste” than the vaccines. From Justus R. Hope at

Mt. Rushmore
Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Wolf  

The Victory of the Underdog

The nurse plunked down ten crisp hundred-dollar bills, looked the pharmacist in the eye, and said,

“Spray it on the floor. Don’t inject it. I’ll pay you 1,000 dollars if you fill out the card and say I got the vaccine.”

One can draw two inferences from this story:

One, those health care professionals in the know do not want to risk taking the jab. Two, they feel confident they are better protected with something else.

And that something else has traditionally been natural immunity through prior infection – but is now increasingly becoming Ivermectin.

By August 13, 2021, the CDC reported Ivermectin prescriptions had reached 88,000 per week, up 24-fold from the baseline of 3,600 per week. Based upon increasing popularity, it appears this number has risen many times again over the past two months, easily reaching into the millions.

Up-to-date October data are not public for obvious reasons.

But what has been released are the daily COVID cases and deaths, and these tell a striking tale. The current graph of the United States COVID cases has taken on the “Ivermectin Fingerprint” pattern so familiar to us from India, Peru, and Indonesia after they adopted Ivermectin.

It is familiar to anyone who read the book Ivermectin for the World or Dr. Pierre Kory’s peer-reviewed article, “Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19.”

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