The Sea Gypsy Pure Bloods, by Ray Jason

Here’s a prepping and survival strategy that looks like a hell of a lot of fun. From Ray Jason at


Because our shrieking rulers are so fiercely demanding that all of us must be vaccinated, I suspect that they are concealing their true agenda. Previously, I assumed that it was just the age-old quest for money and power.

But now I believe that they intend to use these “vaccines” for much more sinister reasons. My fear is that their ultimate goal is the “cyborging” of humanity. Could it be that this mRNA technology actually re-programs the human operating system? Are they injecting us with compounds that will induce submissiveness, eliminate fertility, secretly track us and potentially even instantly terminate us through sound frequencies or light impulses?

Will those who have been vaxxed be altered – without their knowledge or permission – into a Humanity 2.0.? And will the anti-vaxxers be transformed from mere resistors against Tyranny, into the last remnants of the natural, biological and un-augmented Humanity 1.0?

Will the divide become so vicious that the vaxxed will be privileged and the unvaxxed will be pariahs? And will the Pure Bloods be hunted down, shipped to “quarantine” camps … and possibly eliminated?

Our Malignant Overlords, as I like to call them, have been claiming for over a century that the Earth is overpopulated. Many wise observers argue that the Jab is what will provide them the massive depopulation that they crave. Certainly, the first several months of the injections indicate how dangerous and deadly they are.

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2 responses to “The Sea Gypsy Pure Bloods, by Ray Jason

  1. I like the sound of this. You have to use two links to read the whole thing.


  2. Silly fantasy not able to be accomplished in large enough numbers for defense. But this is the sort of thing sailors come up with. “I can bug out on my awesome saiboat!”



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