Lessons From An Underground Economy, by J.G. Martinez

You have to wonder how big the black market economy is right now in the U.S. One thing’s for sure—it’s going to get a lot bigger. Just think of all the people who won’t get vaxxed. They’ve got to eat. From J.G. Martinez at theorganicprepper.com:

How is it possible to survive a nation with inflation rates of 20%/month and 1700%/year? The answer? The underground economy. This is the level of hyperinflation we have found ourselves with here in Venezuela, and considering the spread of inflation worldwide, it would be well worth the prepper’s time to glean what we can learn here.

Virtually everything you read dictates inflation on this scale necessitates civil war.

Yet Venezuela hasn’t seen this. Why not? Why are the streets not being taken by armed civilians?

While the main reason revolves around 20 years of disarmament and anti-self-defense teachings, I would argue that there is a second reason we haven’t delved into full on anarchy as well: our underground economy.

Underground economies keep people fed.

I’ve lived in four different and fallen South American countries, and it’s been the underground economy which has kept people going in each case.

When I used to work in the Venezuelan oil industry, our salary was taxed heavily just like everyone else’s. As expected, these taxes can quickly make it hard for a family to pay its bills.

But the underground economy? It’s completely unregulated.

I know guys with a hot dog cart who make much more money than engineers down here. And this isn’t new – our world has been like this for many years now. The guy working with the hot dog cart doesn’t pay taxes. He doesn’t pay rent. And usually, (and this is a now an “accepted” practice) these street vendors will run a wire from some nearby pole for their music and lights.

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One response to “Lessons From An Underground Economy, by J.G. Martinez

  1. This was one of my FIRST THOUGHTS LATE IN 2019 as I tracked the unfolding psyop plandemic.First thought was,This thing is a Frankenvirus amalgamated bioweapon released for several purposes,one of which is to evade paying the unpayable PENSIONS AND GOVT. LIABILITIES.Think,1920-1930 Chicago and speakeasy style downlow economics,comms,socializing.LOOSELIPS SINK SHIPS!!Tradeables,plausible deniability,gobags,stashes,weapons,unlikely allies.Some of you people are REALLY FREAKING NAIVE.MUCH PROPAGANDA!!operation Lockstep,Pooeye,Gardenplot,Cyclops,Bluebeam,Blackjack,many more.Aliens,timetravel,good vs. Evil,wormholes,portals,cloning,hubrids are all real.Peterdavidbetet.o,richardlighthouse.c,educate-yoyrself.org,Patriots4Truth.org,henrymakow.c,stopthecrimes.org,exopolitics.org,Leakproject.com,TheinformedAmerican.org,a.I. Is evil.ascensionglossary.orgLaw of One.org.Choose wisely.Jim Humble,W. Tompkins Bill Cooper An American Grimmoire=book.9/11= Yeoshua Real Christmas day thats why it was used for Ritual Murder and trauma.He was Never named Jesus.Baking Soda and antiparasite is KEY!!False Prophets,discern.Namaste!! 🙂

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