How the game is really played, by Steve Kirsch

The scary thing is how close this made-up memo is to reality. From Steve Kirsch at

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This is just my educated guess on what Fauci probably told world leaders about how to deal with the COVID pandemic. A lot of people have told me this is the best piece I’ve ever written.

For those who have trouble figuring out whether this is fact or fiction, the answer is that the memo never existed, but it there was a memo, and Fauci was telling the truth, this is my guess as to what he would have written.

To: World leaders
From: Tony Fauci
Subject: Ground rules for the health and safety of the world

  1. NEVER allow a proper autopsy by people who are capable of making a vaccine determination. If an autopsy can’t be avoided, make sure the coroner is understaffed, lacks the proper skills and tests, and doesn’t have the time to do it right. Also, offer to pay for the funeral expenses if they skip the autopsy. This usually works. Whatever you do, make sure nobody reads this guide for how to perform an effective autopsy.
  2. Never allow anyone to do an analysis on what is in the vials. In the rare event an analysis happens, we have your back. We’ll claim that the people who did the analysis are anti-vaxxers who stole government property and deliberately contaminated the vials before they were analyzed. We’ve got all the bases covered.
  3. Ensure that the drug companies have complete immunity from prosecution. Otherwise, we’re totally screwed. Congress is in our pocket on this. We forced them to provide immunity back in the 1980’s. There were only four manufacturers then, and we all illegally colluded to ensure that unless Congress agreed to our ridiculous demand, we wouldn’t make any more vaccines.

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