Do Not Take Part in the Lie, by Robert W. Malone, MD, MS

Acquiescence to a lie perpetuates it. From Robert W. Malone, MD, MS, at

Good news from South Africa!

So, it has been a busy week. As I prepare for getting on a plane to head back to Virginia from Austin, Texas, I am taking a moment to try to breath and to write down some thoughts.

Yesterday, I had to take an antibody test in order to get into the studio in Austin.  The good news is that my natural immunity from my last round of COVID is robust – with IgA and even IgM Antibodies present.

This brings me again to one of my biggest issues with the public policy response.  Natural immunity equals or trumps immunity from the genetic vaccines, because the natural immune response is broad (against the all 29 proteins of the SAVS-CoV-2 virus) and appears to hold up better against Omicron. This sustained and robust natural immunity also applies to children.  We all know it.  Why won’t our government and the main stream media admit it?

Why is it that the CDC website that lists 146 million people having already had COVID-19 in the USA has not been updated since October 2, 2021?  A quick, back of the napkin calculation projects at least another 20-30 million have had COVID since then.  Bringing the number of people who have had COVID to around 170 million.  Well over half the people in the USA.

So, now comes a more transmissible but weaker version of the virus.  We should all be celebrating!  Over half of us have natural immunity.  Over half of us are vaccinated. Unless we are elderly or have significant other co-morbidities, we will be fine.  For many, if not most, will seem like another cold, if we notice it at all. Even the unvaccinated or COVID-19 naive person should be just find, if they don’t have significant co-morbidities.

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