Resiliency: Surviving in the age of censorship, propaganda and cancel culture, by Dr. Robert W. Malone

The Lilliputians keep trying to tie him down, but Dr. Robert Malone keeps rolling along. From Malone at

Like water off a duck’s back

So, not that what happens to me is so special – but last night Linkedin decided I was not a fit human to be on their platform. In another blink of an eye of big tech, Linkin flushed my 30,000 connections and de-platformed me. No explanations, no warnings were given. I can say that I rarely post anything on Link-in that is controversial anymore, since they de-platformed me, re-instated me and then apologized for it last summer. This was not a surprise – just more of the same censorship that is happening everywhere.

All I can do at this point is laugh about it. This is about resiliency: like water off a duck’s back.

In two weeks since Twitter de-platformed me, my GETTR account has gone over 212,000 followers. Other social media venues are doing well also. My Substack is over 100,000 people. My Gab account is 88,000 strong. My fan run telegram account also has 189,000 subscribers. I am recording 8-10 podcasts and TV interviews a day. If I could clone me, I could do five times that number. I will not let my voice be silenced, because the cause is too great.

I can only hope with the linkedin censorship: my voice, your voice – all of us will unite and find a common path forward to stop the propaganda madness being driven by the oligarchs who control big tech, big media and big pharma.

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One response to “Resiliency: Surviving in the age of censorship, propaganda and cancel culture, by Dr. Robert W. Malone

  1. Only paid subscribers may comment on Malones substack=commercialized censorship.Many intelligent activists have very limited money and EVERYONES BUGGING FOR $$$$$$!IF FREE SPEECH AND TRUTH AND FIGHTING OPPRESSORS IS REALLY IMPORTANT,FACILLITATING FREE SPEECH AND GETTING TRUTH OUT THERE IS PARSMOUNT,NOT LINING THE POCKETS OF A DR. OR SOMEINE WHO HAS WAYYYYYYYYY MORE MONEY AND CREDIT AND CONNECTIONS THAN MOST COMMENTATORS.Operation Lockstep,The Kalergi Plan,Operations:bluebeam,popye,Dark Winter,Apollo mind control via darpa,operation cyclops,blackjack.Project Pegasus and Chair of Destiny =cia=bidet,obama,possibly Trump.peterdavidbeter.o,stopthecrimes.o,dr.judywoodd.o,TheInformedAmerican.o,henrymakow.c,matrixofgog.c,,,,Flote app, enail.protonmail and Sugnal arent,,,,,,david marshall Col. T. Beardon,,,dr.huldaclark.o,royalrife.o,dr.sircus.o,,journaloforthomolecularmedicine.c,,dr. Marys Monkey The Poisoned Needle,Grounding and Irgone Energy healing work.hulu and netflux have patents for targetted frequency mind/mood goguen Druze Bloodline International Actual anticorruption court system. Kazhak prez gave Shoot to kill with no warning to protestors.Superior,CO masonlodge was untouched alingside mcmansion while everything ekse direct energy torched!!!!!!!


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