Russian Soldiers Need a Map, by Ted Snider

Those stupid Russian soldiers don’t even know which countries they’re supposed to be invading. From Ted Snider at

Either Russian troops aren’t reading the script the West handed out, or the script is wrong. Russian troops seem to be marching in the wrong direction. According to the American script, Russian soldiers are advancing on Ukraine and permanently stationing in Kazakhstan. According to what is actually happening on the world stage, Russian troops are diminishing on the Ukraine border and leaving Kazakhstan.

The recent crisis in Kazakhstan is confusing and seems to have many causes. Behind the crisis may be a battle for power between opposing political elites who are loyal either to the current president or the previous president. There is also popular anger over the canyon that separates the oil enriched elites from the impoverished population.

Whatever the cause, the crisis turned Kazakhstan into what The New York Times called “a war zone.” Faced with the crisis and the violence, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) sent troops to help restore calm. In addition to Russia, the CSTO includes Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. What is often not included in Western reporting is that the CSTO troops did not arrive as part of a Russian invasion but at the invitation of the president of Kazakhstan.

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