If Austria and Switzerland Are Exempt From NATO Then Why Not Ukraine? By Finian Cunningham

Good question. From Finian Cunningham at strategic-culture.org:

Moscow insists that its demand for halting NATO expansionism is inviolable. Washington insists on rejecting that. The gap in diplomacy is becoming a dangerous abyss.

American and NATO officials contend that Russia has no right to demand that Ukraine be excluded from membership of the military alliance. Such a demand is a non-starter, they say.

Meanwhile, Russia insists that it is an “absolute imperative” that Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics such as Georgia are not admitted to NATO. And Moscow wants a legal treaty stating this exclusion.

A quick reality-check amusingly reminds us that Moscow has precedent on its side of the argument. The talks between U.S., NATO and Russian officials this week are being conducted in Geneva and Vienna, the cities of two European countries, Switzerland and Austria, that are obliged to remain neutral from any military alliance.

That non-aligned status is part of the Swiss and Austrian constitutions. But part of the neutrality also stems from international consensus based on the sensitive geopolitical position of both countries in the aftermath of wars in Europe.

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3 responses to “If Austria and Switzerland Are Exempt From NATO Then Why Not Ukraine? By Finian Cunningham


    Seriously?! If Austria and Switzerland are exempt from NATO Then Why Not Ukraine? Dude! Follow the money.


  2. I don’t care about money or how oligarchs swap it between each other like hotcakes, or about Ukraine. What I care about is my own people. I don’t want them ground into the mud of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, or any other mid-Asian country. We blew blood and treasure in Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc, and the only upshot has been that a lot of people got rich. At the expense of a lot of young men dying. We get duped into these foreign wars by a bunch of mind control experts, waving the flag of “patriotism”, who then proceed to make themselves rich while the blood flows. Let Russia invade Ukraine, they had it for 70 years, and it didn’t cost the lives of anyone born here. Their problem, not ours. It’s just another political tar baby, we have no dog in their fight. And this time we wouldn’t be invading some third world shithole. The Russians have plenty of accurate nukes to throw around, and probably will, should their chances of a favorable outcome get shaky. Getting involved in the contest between Ukraine and Russia might be a fatal mistake on our part, and the stupidest thing we ever did.


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