Breathe Easier: Blinken, Lavrov Meet Friday, by Ray McGovern

Maybe we won’t have Armageddon in Ukraine after all. From Ray McGovern at

Whoa! Could this mean that reports of the death of U.S.-Russia security talks are greatly exaggerated? What about the impasse, the deadlock? Might it mean no Russian invasion of Ukraine – at least not yet?

Actually, figuring out what the planned bilateral talks Friday in Geneva mean requires no PhD in political science. Nevertheless, the notion is so alien to consumers of the corporate media that one can, I suppose, give the New York Times credit for admitting, matter-of-factly:

“[The fact] that Mr. Lavrov [Russia’s foreign minister] will meet with [Secretary of State] Mr. Blinken on Friday indicates that Russia is prepared for at least one more round of diplomacy.”

In the same obvious vein, the Washington Post quoted a “senior State Department official” (probably Blinken himself) explaining that the planned meeting on Friday shows that “diplomacy is not dead…We are prepared to continue to engage with Russia on security issues in a meaningful, reciprocal dialogue. We will see this Friday if Russia is prepared to do the same.”

So, can we be somewhat hopeful that war can be avoided? Not so fast.

Persistent Paradigm

Don’t get your hopes up. The editors at the Washington Post and elsewhere were careful to avoid suggesting that there is much possibility that peace might be given a chance – despite the miraculous resurrection of talks that were said to be dead and buried for a few days. Tuesday evening the Post headlined its web version of the story: “Blinken to meet Russian counterpart as White House warns Moscow could attack Ukraine ‘at any point’. That awkwardly balanced headline was changed overnight to “Ukraine invasion seen as looming”, and the new headline sat atop the same article, which ran as the page-one lead in the print edition Wednesday morning.

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