Open letter to TV watching western armchair generals, by Andrei Martyanov

Andrei Martyanov’s book, The Real Revolution in Military Affairs, should be read by anyone who even wants to pretend that they know something about 21st century military affairs. From Martyanov at

Open letter to TV watching western armchair generals

My dear TV western armchair generals,

I get it, I promise.  I really do!

Your entire life you have been trained to see a successful military operations like so:


Begin by bombing the shit of the “hadjis” or “sand niggers” with bombs and missiles, then flatten their town à la Fallujah, then move in with heavy armor and shoot everything which still moves or breathes.

Then distribute chewing-gums to a few kids while on video.

Then take the city center, drop a statue in front your embedded presstitutes, and then declare victory.

Then, after declaring victory, stay another 20 years or so (Blinken was clearly projecting!), ruin it completely, then leave it again and declare another brilliant victory.

And don’t forget to declare urbi at orbi that you reserve the “right” to bomb the shit out of them anytime you deem it is needed.  And fuck their sovereignty or anybody else’s while we are at it!

Lastly, once home, don’t forget to “thank” your “veterans” for their “service”.

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