What’s Really Up with Ukraine? Deep State Seeking New World Order, by Alexandra Bruce

Some people in the alternative media see Vladimir Putin as a challenger to the New World Order set, some see him as its tool. From Alexandra Bruce at lewrockwell.com:

For all of the vilification outwardly being heaped upon Putin by the establishment, the sanctions being placed on Russia by this same establishment will do a lot more to hurt the West than they will to hurt Russia.

The Biden Regime is negotiating with Iran and Venezuela to buy oil. They will literally do anything to avoid restarting the Keystone pipeline and anything to prevent US energy independence, even in the face of this immense crisis that they’ve created.

On Monday, we saw Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tell people who can’t afford $4 gas that they should buy $60k Electric Vehicles. It should be clear by now to even the dumbest people that, together with the promotion of this war, the Climate Change agenda being promoted by the Globalists is about collapsing the West, ending the Petrodollar and ending the US dollar as a reserve currency. Everything we see from the propped-up corpse of a Biden Presidency is about the Globalists’ controlled demolition of American sovereignty, power and prestige.

The World Economic Forum is now suddenly mass-deleting their cyber attack “plans” from their websites, which they admit will kill millions of people and they’ve also deleted their profiles of Vladimir Putin, who was one of the earliest graduates of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program.

This has some wondering whether the former KGB agent was spying on the Globalist organization to protect Russia’s interests or if he was being trained for his role as a major player in the New World Order agenda?

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