Worse Than Just Force, by Eric Peters

If you’ve failed at everything you’ve ever tried, government wants you. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

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Government is force, it’s said – By Washington, among others – and this is true. But it is also something else. Something worse than mere violence, which at least has some animal vitality behind it.

Government is the refuge of failure.

It is the construct which failures use to pretend to themselves that they aren’t failures – by forcing them on others, having been unable to persuade people of the merits of whatever it is they consider to be a grand idea. The fact that these failures must force their ideas – they are usually styled “plans” – on the unwilling is a confession of the worthlessness of the idea or “plan.”   

This does not, of course, mean the “plan”or idea is worthless – to the ones who are able to extract a benefit, using force. It simply means he idea or “plan” has “worth” in the same way that the $100 bill that is now in the pocket of the man who stole it from you has worth. He can use it to buy the same one hundred dollars’ worth of goods and services that you would have used the bill to buy . . . had it not been stolen from you.

But it does not detract from the fact that the man who stole it from you is a worthless thief who zero-summed the money. You would never have given the money to him voluntarily.  He was unable to persuade you that it would be of benefit to both of you to give him that $100 – in exchange for something of at least equal or more value. He had nothing of value to exchange with you. So he had to resort to the degradation of forcing you to hand over the money –  the violence of the failed.

It is why thieves are held in contempt, even when feared. And for the same reason this thing styled “government” and all of its unwanted – by its victims – manifestations. The relationship being that of the man mugged and the mugger. A zero-sum game writ large and made “official,” in order to do the one thing the mugger – to his credit – never does, that being to pretend he is something better than a thug. 

Even the oiliest TV evangelist operates on a higher moral plane than government because no force is involved in the fleecing. The sheep are willingly (or at least, freely) shorn.

Government threatens the use of force if you do not hand over a great deal more than $100 (and not just this once, as the mugger does) in order to finance what it styles “essential” services. But “essential” – to whom? Clearly, they are not essential to those who must be threatened in order to force them to pay for them.

The absurdity is self-evident.

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