Putin Is a War Criminal – and So Was Madeleine Albright, by Jonathan Cook

If you’re okay with half a million kids dead on your watch, that definitely makes you some sort of criminal. Here’s a fitting obituary for Madeleine Albright, from Jonathan Cook at antiwar.com:

The media’s propaganda role could not be starker: it has whitewashed US war crimes promoted and defended by the late US diplomat that overshadow even Putin’s

Obituaries of Madeleine Albright, the first woman to be appointed US secretary of state, in 1997 by President Bill Clinton, could not have been more gushing.

With the news of her death aged 84, western politicians and media united in lauding her as “a trailblazer,” “a champion of democracy” and “a force for freedom.” Hillary Clinton observed of Albright: “So many people around the world are alive and living better lives because of her service.”

In one sweep, Clinton’s comment erased from the historical record the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children that, even Albright once conceded, were killed by policies she helped enact and promote.

Media tributes exhibited little interest in those deaths either. Journalists praised her instead for reinvigorating NATO’s role as the world’s policeman in Kosovo in 1999 after the fall of the Soviet Union, and for enforcing punishing sanctions through the 1990s on the regime of Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein.

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2 responses to “Putin Is a War Criminal – and So Was Madeleine Albright, by Jonathan Cook

  1. The whole concept of “war criminal” is utter nonsense in the end. If the most vicious side wins, nobody prosecutes for war crimes, or rather than vicious monsters prosecute the measured losers for war crimes. I’ve never understood this rhetoric of “war crimes”…or rather only I have understood it! “War crimes” only means the Jews prosecute whites for not worshiping them. So if in a war the Jews win (as they did with WW2 when they took over the entire West) then they prosecute any side that was against them as “war criminals.” When will you see the Jews who run DC prosecuted for Lybia or Somalia or any other war, like Serbia-Kosovo? Never. Because only anyone who dares point out that Jews are spreading LGBT can be prosecuted for war crimes. At least this is how it has been up till now. But after Russia and China win WW3, I guess we’ll see the Jewtocracy in America prosecuted for war crimes, assuming that America doesn’t just get nuked into non-existence. (Madeline Nonsobright was a Jewess by the way, so point sustained.)


  2. I don’t consider Putin a war criminal. The man is justifiably concerned about the security of his country. But, the last 6 Presidents of the U.S. are war criminals. I won’t even go into the hundreds if not thousands of neocons and neoliberal war criminals attached to U.S. and NATO countries.


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