Biden’s “booming economy” is just another front in the media’s war on reality, by Kit Knightly

Biden’s “booming economy” is just like his mental acumen, his probity, and his 2020 election victory: a fraud. From Kit Knightly at

Did you know the economy was booming? This may come as a shock to anyone out there who a) is alive or
b) has to buy things, but it’s definitely true.

MSNBC and the New York Times said so.

Mehdi Hasan did a segment on his show:

NBC report “President Biden’s approval rating has fallen to lowest level of his presidency despite booming economy”, and Hasan just doesn’t understand why people would be “unhappy with the way Biden is handling the economy” when wages are growing and they’ve added a “record 6.4 million job” in 2021.

Now, OK, that reported 4.5% wage growth is lagging way behind inflation, meaning in real terms people are being paid less.

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